Our Custom Rings
Amethyst Compression Set Ring
Using a compression setting, we mounted this round amethyst on a size 7 1/2 sterling silver band.
Amethyst Princess Ring
A marquis cut amethyst sits atop this sterling silver ring.
Boulder Opal Ring
Boulder opal are so named after the matrix that holds them. This one from Australia is set down into the 14kt gold to protect it. It is size 6.
Garnet Ring
This classic trilliant cut garnet is set in a 14kt gold head on a sterling silver band.
The size is 6 1/2.
Green Gold Stone Ring
Gold stone is a man-made stone. The story goes that the original gold stone was made by monks. This green version is set in a sterling silver ring.
YAG Ring
YAG (Yttrium Aluminum Garnet) is a man-made material used for lasers. This pretty green stone is set in sterling silver size 5 3/4.
Green Quartz Compression Ring
This size 8 sterling silver ring is set with a bright green faceted quartz stone.
Lab Alexandrite Double Ring
The laboratory grown alexandrite is set in a 14kt gold head. The two rings are sterling silver. Alexandrite is a color change stone and can show you red, green, blue or purple, depending on the light. We can make you another if this size 10 1/2 doesn't fit you.
Lab Emerald Ring
This sterling silver ring has a laboratory grown emerald on a 14kt gold head. Two lab grown white sapphires flank the emerald.
Size is 7 3/4.
Tiffany Stone Silver Ring
We bought this tiffany stone as a rock from the miner and cut it ourselves. The outside was all white, but the inside was full of this pretty purple stuff. We have lots more of it if you want to design your own piece around one of these beauties. The sterling silver ring is size 10 1/2.
Silver Nugget Ring
This nugget style sterling silver ring is size
8 3/4.
TeeMar Designs Made in Centennial, CO